·         In the area of molinology, we are internationally recognized as a reference on the subject by many organizations, namely TIMS- The International Molinological Society (http://www.timsmills.info), which we represent exclusively in Portugal. Still in this domain we have created the Portuguese Mill Network (http://www.moinhosdeportugal.org).

In the area of European project designing,  in the field of entrepreneurship, e-learning, patrimony and rural development, we present the following international partners:

Diputación Provincial de Malaga (ES)
·         Equal People (UK) ·         Equal Skills (IR) ·         Strat IS (IT) ·         Consorcio Zenit (IT) ·         West Sweden (SW) ·         Athens Development Agency (GR) ·         Fundació Príncipe Felipe (ES) ·         Heralion Development Agency (GR) ·         Grupo de Desenvolvimento Local - Axarquía (ES) ·         Grupo de Desenvolvimento Local - Serranía de Ronda (ES) ·         GDR - Antequera (ES) ·         GDR - Guadalteba (ES) ·         GDR - Nororma (ES) ·         GDR - Sierra de las Nieves (ES) ·         GDR - Valle del Guadalhorce (ES) ·         ESTIA - École Supérieure des Technologies Industrielles Avancées (FR) ·         Comunità Montana Valle Orba-Erro-Bormida di Spigno (IT) ·         Toucan Europe - Manchester - (UK)  Bata Canal Association (CH)