Family history
Would you like to have your family’s history published on a book?

We do your family’s history and publish your book.

After a interview and established the goals and extension of your family’s history, our technicians will proceed to the genealogic study and to the information collecting in the main sources:

Family archive
Oral memory
Ancient cartography
Archive documentation (National, Regional ,Municipal and Ecclesiastic archives)

Besides the investigation, we have the technical capacity for writing, illustrating, photographing and pagination for what we are able to guarantee you a excellent service, fully customized, your family will certainly be very proud of it.

In what concerns the publishing we have several options at your service, both in format, quality of the paper and printing. Don’t think that it is just a simple printing for family using. If you wish, the history of your family will be part of the Bibliographic Archive of your Country as any other book.

Immortalize the memory of your family and pass it from generation to generation. Make a surprise to your family and friends.

Contac us and ask for a simulation of the price of your family’s history, that will depend on factors as the family dimension, the time horizon you wish to cover, the dept of the study and of course the quality and quantity of specimens required.